Laser welder can handle more complex parts

Sept. 16, 2020
Branson's GLX-Micro is well suited to join small, delicate parts.

GLX-Micro This welder from Branson Ultrasonic incorporates the patented Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) laser welding technology. The ability to position the laser beams on many axes means that it is possible to join much more geometrically complex plastic components.

What’s new? The GLX-Micro, which launched in April. The company says it has the industry’s lowest clamping force, making it a good choice for joining small, delicate parts, including those used in smartphones, cameras and wearable medical devices.

Benefits Fast, clean, repeatable welds. The STTIr laser can weld multiple parts at once, and is faster than trace or scan laser methods, which shortens cycle times. And because there is no friction or vibration as in other welding methods, highly visible parts such as automotive taillights are not marred by flash or particulates.

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