Gaylord tilter works in confined spaces

June 29, 2020
Southworth Products' GTU-500 can empty resin pellets as well as molded products from gaylords.

GTU-500 Southworth Products’ gaylord tilter can be used for unloading resin pellets as well as extruded or molded components. It is operated via foot pedal, and can tilt its load up to 110 degrees for controlled emptying.

What’s new? Pallet jack accessibility. With no forklift needed, the GTU-500 can be loaded and unloaded in confined spaces.

Benefits Improved ergonomics. Workers at trim, assembly or inspection workstations can access parts at the bottom of a gaylord without having to cut the sides and  bend to reach them. The GTU-500 has supports for the sides of the gaylords it handles, which also extends their life.

Southworth Products Corp., Portland, Maine, 207-878-0700,

Vital statistics
Capacity500 pounds
Platform size        50 inches by 50 inches        
Footprint        62.5 inches by 66 inches