Arburg’s hybrid Allrounder 1020 H is its largest packaging press

June 1, 2020
The Hidrive series features an electrically powered clamping unit and a hydraulically powered injection unit.

Arburg has expanded its Allrounder line with the 1020 H, its largest-yet injection molding machine designed specifically for packaging. The machine has a clamping force of about 675 tons and is equipped with a new size 7000 injection unit.

The tie bars are about 40 inches apart and the mold-opening stroke creates up to 83 inches of daylight, allowing the machine to produce large packaging containers with volumes of up to 8 gallons. The press also is designed to accommodate molds with multiple cavities.

The H in the machine’s name stands for Hidrive, which is a designation for Arburg’s hybrid machine series. The press features an electrically powered clamping unit and a hydraulically powered injection unit.

The 7000 injection unit offers a maximum PS shot size of about 148 ounces. In addition to the 1020 H, it also can be used on the Allrounder 1120 H press, which is Arburg’s largest Allrounder with about 44 inches between tie bars and a clamping force of about 730 tons. The Allrounder 1120 H is not designed for packaging.

The Allrounder 1020 H features a servo-electric dosing drive designed to build shots quickly, so that it can run simultaneously with other machine operations for maximum productivity. Barrier screws, which feature a barrier zone instead of a compression zone, are designed for homogeneous melt preparation and a high material throughput.

Hydraulic accumulator technology increases the injection speed and controls the screw speed and the screw’s position throughout the cycle, the company said.

Fast acceleration and deceleration speeds allow for the fast injection times required for producing packaging materials. If production requires even faster speed, the injection process can be started simultaneously with the mold closing movement, the company said.

The servo-electric toggle-type clamp design facilitates fast opening and closing movements that provide short overall cycle times. Dry-cycle times can be as fast as 2.3 seconds, the company said. The machine recovers energy during braking, when the platen slows down before closing and again when it slows down at the end of its opening cycle. Compared to a similar machine with a hydraulic clamping system, the press can achieve energy savings of up to 30 percent, the company said.

The Allrounder 1020 H is equipped with Arburg’s four assistance packages: 4.set-up, 4.start-up. 4.production and 4.monitoring. The packages are designed to help operators start the injection molding process quickly. They also provide operators with comprehensive digital support if operators need help with machine operations. The press is equipped with a Gestica control system with a graphical user interface, which resembles the interface on a smartphone. Operators can use swiping or zooming hand movements to adjust the display on the screen.

The new press also features basic connectivity, which means it can be equipped with an IIoT gateway to be networked with other equipment via standard interfaces.

The machine’s rigid steel base is designed to support heavy mold weights and to compensate for high load changes during high-speed movements.

Other standard features on the Allrounder 1020 H packaging version include finite-element-method-optimized mounting platens that are rigid but lightweight, wear-resistant cylinder modules with barrier screws.

On display at K2019, the Allrounder 1020 H packaging version processed new PP material with 30 percent single-type PP recyclate to produce 16 round, thin-walled cups in an 8+8 cavity stack mold. The cycle time was 4.3 seconds.

Other hybrid Allrounders in packaging versions include the Allrounder 520, 570, 630, 720, 820 and 920.

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