Cartesian robot is Wittmann's largest

June 9, 2020
The W873XL has a maximum X-axis of 9.8 feet and maximum Y- and Z-axes of 11.8 feet and 29.5 feet, respectively.

W873XL This extra-large robot from Wittmann Battenfeld is designed to remove parts weighing up to 330 pounds from injection molding machines. It features a servo C-axis that can pivot up to 180 degrees. The horizontal axes are made from steel components for maximum rigidity.  

What’s new? The size. The W873XL is the largest Cartesian robot Wittmann Battenfeld offers. Its X-axis has a maximum length of 9.8 feet, while the Yand Z-axes have maximum lengths of 11.8 feet and 29.5 feet, respectively.  

Benefits Robust construction for torsion-free handling of heavy payloads.  

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