Handheld unit quickly troubleshoots motors

June 10, 2020
The All-Test Pro 34 can complete its analysis in less than three minutes and pinpoint the the problem in a motor or drive.

All-Test Pro 34 This handheld unit from All-Test Pro is optimized for testing three-phase AC induction squirrel-cage rotor motors of less than 1,000 volts, which are among the most common type used in industry. It conducts de-energized, non-destructive testing and analyzes the stator and rotor electrical health. It runs on a long-lasting lithium battery and doesn’t need to be linked to a computer to present its results.

What’s new? The device, which offers improved dynamic test and measurement hardware compared with its predecessor. It also includes the new Version 4 of the company’s MCA (motor circuit analysis) software.

Benefits Quick, versatile troubleshooting. In less than three minutes the device can complete its analysis and pinpoint the cause of an error message or failure. It can confirm that a motor needs to be replaced, and that the replacement motor is in good condition. It also can determine whether backup motors that are kept as spares are ready to go and proactively test motors for faults that can’t be detected by other equipment.

All-Test Pro LLC, Old Saybrook, Conn., 860-399-4222, www.alltestpro.com