Structured-light scanner speeds up scanning tasks

May 20, 2020
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's RS-Squared requires no reference markers, but in 10 minutes can scan surfaces that can take an hour with some laser scanners.

RS-Squared This structured-light scanner from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence works in combination with the company’s Absolute Arm seven-axis portable measurement arms. It can be used for inspection and reverse-engineering purposes, and is well-suited to measuring larger, primarily contoured items, such as automobile interiors and exteriors, dashboards, bumpers and gas tanks, as well as for mold inspection.   

What’s new? The scanner, which doesn't require the reference markers or other common preparations typically needed by other scanners.    

Benefits Faster scanning. The company says that in 10 minutes, an RS-Squared can scan a surface that would take an hour with a high-quality laser scanner. Set-up time is minimal. The scanner can be removed from the Absolute Arm and remounted without recalibration.  

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