Dr. Boy slides into overmolding

Feb. 1, 2020
New hydraulically powered tables make overmolding easier as they rotate in and out of the press.
Boy now is offering sliding tables that rotate into and out of the press to simplify overmolding.Boy Machines Inc.Dr. Boy showed K 2019 attendees it has the table set for overmolding.

The company has updated its Boy 35 EVH hydraulic vertical IMM with two optional sliding tables that rotate into and out of the press to simplify the overmolding of insert components.

The two tables are designed so they alternate inside the press. The processor mounts the bottom half of a mold on each sliding table. 

When the bottom half of one mold comes out of the machine on the left, the right-side bottom half is in the press. The press closes and molds the part, and the press opens and slides both tables to the right. Then, the left-side table would be inside the press, and the right-side table would be outside of the press with the molded part. The operator would remove the overmolded part and put a new insert in the mold, press two buttons and the machine would shuttle both tables once again.

The machine is equipped with two start buttons that must be pressed at the same time to ensure that the operator’s hands are not on the sliding tables. When the operator hits both buttons, the table slides one mold underneath the press.

For the safety of show attendees, the hydraulically powered tables were displayed in a special arrangement. They were built into two sides of the IMM and covered by protective plastic cases.

The cases prevented the company from using the tables to manufacture overmolded parts on the show floor, but the machine was able to run through its cycle for demonstration purposes. When used in the shop, there would be no safety cases because the operator would need to access the sliding tables

The advantage of the tables is that the press operates while the press operator is putting inserts in and removing overmolded parts from the mold, which reduces the cycle time, said Marko Koorneef, president of Boy Machines, the U.S. business unit of Dr. Boy. The actual cycle-time reduction depends on the operator.

Bruce Adams, senior staff reporter
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