Air-ring system improves blown-film bubble stability

Sept. 22, 2022
Compared with earlier Intensive Cooling iterations, Addex's Short Stack configuration boasts more points of control over the bubble.

Intensive Cooling This air-ring system from Addex directs high-velocity streams of air to create Bernoulli suction forces that pull an extrusion film bubble outward and hold it firmly in place while providing fast cooling. The technology improves the stability of the bubble and allows manufacturers to work with difficult-to-process films more quickly.

What's new? A so-called Short Stack configuration, incorporating two more strong streams of air. The system pulls the film bubble through a circular enclosure located between the die and air ring that naturally pulls it into an oversized air ring.  

Benefits Increases in output, and greater stability and flexibility. The Short Stack configuration typically provides a 25 percent increase in output over the company’s original “Down-on-the-Die” version, which itself improved output by 10-15 percent over conventional dual-flow air rings. Also, compared with other systems, the Short Stack makes startup easier, without the use of internal bubble cooling hardware. With more points of stabilization than earlier Intensive Cooling systems, the Short Stack system can be operated by less-experienced personnel. With the system, processors can work with much-lower-melt-strength materials, as well as high-melt-strength materials, and materials with larger blow-up ratio and thin films, or smaller blow-up ratios and thick films. The company guarantees an output increase of 20-30 percent for retrofits.  

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