PTi expands line of high-speed sheet extruders

July 7, 2020
The SGHS3500-36D can process a variety of resins, including PS, PP and PET. It is built for quick changeovers, and includes a motor upgrade and a significantly larger feed opening.

Processing Technologies International (PTi) has added a high-volume model to its line of high-speed, compact sheet extruders. 

The Super-G HighSPEED SGHS3500-36D extruder features a 90mm barrel with a 36:1 L:D ratio. It has a larger screw diameter than PTi’s SGHS3000-36D, which features a 75mm-diameter screw. 

“We’ve had such a grand market reception for our SGHS Model 3000 over the past three years that we’re taking the next steps to expand this offering,” said Matt Banach, senior VP of sales and marketing. “The larger unitcapabilities include a 20 percent to 25 percent step up in performance increase for PP, HIPS and PET materials.” 

The SGHS3500-36D can process a variety of resins, including PS, PP and PET. It is built for quick changeovers.  

The new model includes a motor upgrade to 600 horsepower and a significantly larger feed opening. It has a maximum output capacity of 3,500 pounds per hour, which is a 30 percent to 35 percent increase compared with the SGHS3000-36D 

Adding 18 inches to the length of the extruder, an 8.5 percent increase, has yielded a 20 percent to 25 percent increase in manufacturing output per square foot of the machine footprint compared with other high-speed extruders. The SGHS3500-36D’s standard length is 1feet, 1 inch. A “tuck-under motor option reduces the length to 14 feet2 inches. 

The extruder’s feed design permits high regrind recovery rates of up to 70 percent and maintains consistent output levels throughout the production process. The feed throat is larger than competing models, the company said. 

PTi’s patent-pending M-ATE barrel glide supports help manage thermal expansion, while the two-stage Super-G Lobe screw maintains precise control of melt quality and temperature. 

“The PTi Super-G Lobe screw consists of a proprietary mixing/melting technology that divides the extrudate stream into multiple discrete volumes while it is pumped over peaks and valleys, which are the lobes within the feed-screw pumping section,” Banach saidThe mixing capability of this technology delivers excellent melt quality while maintaining practical melt temperature thresholds at elevated output rates. This approach is also beneficial while processing highly filled mineral loadings such as calcium carbonate and talc up to 40 percent loading levels with superior dispersion results.  

These features allow the extruder to maintain consistent sheet thicknesses and produce high-clarity sheet from crystalline and semi-crystalline polymers.  

Extruders in the Super-G series feature CoolTOUCH barrel guards that increase energy efficiency, minimize loss of heat from the surface and protect workers. The “out-of-the-back” screw-removal design simplifies access to the screw, the company said. 

A fully operational SGHS3500-36D is available for production-scale trials in PTi’s Technology Development Center in Aurora, Ill. 

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