Brückner offers enhancements to film lines

Dec. 27, 2022
The company conducts an on-site evaluation, determining specific requirements that can transform existing lines and expand capabilities.

Film extrusion lines Brückner’s film extrusion lines can process a variety of materials, including biaxially oriented (BO) PA, BOPP and BOPET. 

What’s new? Transformations of existing lines to enhance capabilities. Among the options are conversions to bigger-throughput lines, or from existing lines of any age to lines that can sustainably handle recyclable mono-material streams, such as BOPP, BOPE, BOPLA and BOPET. Customers also can opt for conversion to the BOPP-PE package, which extends the product portfolio of a BOPP film stretching line to a line that can apply an innovative in-line coating technology — a water-based, wet coating to plastic films — directly during production. For the conversions, Brückner conducts an on-site evaluation of the machinery to determine specific requirements.

Benefits Greater versatility. Also, the bigger-throughput lines can handle up to 80 percent more output, in some cases. Compared with lines that handle film widths of about 21.7 feet and produce about 721.8 feet per minute, they have film widths of about 24.3 feet and can churn out 1,148.3 feet per minute.  

Brueckner Group USA Inc., Portsmouth, N.H., 603-929-3900, 

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