Combo unit measures film haze, thickness

Feb. 22, 2021
Combining the capabilities of the HazePro and FilmPro devices provides efficient, in-line measurement.

HazePro-FilmPro NDC Technologies’ HazePro gauge is used inline to determine the degree of haze in narrow and wide films. It works by measuring the amount of light that is diffused when it passes through a transparent material. The company’s FilmPro infrared sensor precisely measures the thickness and basis weight of film and sheets. Applications for the sensors include quality control during the production of optical films, packaging films, agricultural films and solar panel films. 

What’s new? The combination of the two devices. HazePro-FilmPro is a versatile system that incorporates the haze gauge and the thickness sensor and performs both types of measurements simultaneously. This enables adjustments to be automated for real-time control of processing parameters.  

Benefits Efficient, in-line measurement of haze and thickness. With a device combining the HazePro and FilmPro’s capabilities, film and sheet manufacturers can improve quality, boost productivity and realize production cost savings.  

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