Schwing unit cleans larger polymer-contaminated parts

Feb. 18, 2021
The VacuClean 0917 can accommodate fully assembled blown film die heads, large filter bundles, candle filters and heavy machine parts.

VacuClean 0917 Schwing’s vacuum pyrolysis system removes polymers from blown film die heads, heavy machine parts and the large filter bundles and candle filters used in fiber and film production.

What’s new? Melt containers with a 40-gallon capacity that allow the system to melt off more polymer from heavily contaminated parts. The VacuClean 0917 also has an optional special program to process parts with heavy polymer loads, such as filter bundles, spools and large dies. The program includes a plateau phase, in which parts are held at about 698 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows up to 98 percent of the adhering polymer to melt off the metal part before pyrolysis starts. 

Benefits The ability to clean large, heavily contaminated parts and assemblies without disassembling them. The fully automatic, electrically heated cleaning system has an energy-efficient design and is easy to install and operate.

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