Patent report: System streamlines bag making

Sept. 28, 2020

Bag making. S.C. Johnson & Son Inc., Racine, Wis., seeks to patent a system that improves the production of bags that feature sealed seams and zipper closures 

Systems to make such bags can have a large footprint and encompass multiple processing stations and conveyors. Typically, they include tools to cut a sheet or tube of plastic film, place zippers and weld the components together.  

Furthermore, the film used may be preprinted with images that are uniformly placed on a given roll of film, but the position of which may vary from roll to roll. Such variations can result in the images being cut through. Thus, existing methods necessitate “stopping and realigning all of the film processing machinery in a film processing station whenever a new pre-printed web of film is introduced to the film processing station,” the application states.  

The invention includes a film processing module, a processor and memory. The processor dynamically coordinates movement of the film processing module relative to a moving web of film. The application also describes processing modules that improve film cutting, shaping and sealing, and transfer finished products to a conveyor.  

The invention takes up less space, compensates for differences between printed film rolls and can be more easily and quickly maintained, repaired and aligned, according to the application 

Patent application 20200198825; published June 25