High-speed color camera enhances inspection system

Sept. 8, 2020

Smash Isra Vision’s Smash high-speed, in-line inspection system detects defects in the nonwoven materials that are used to make medical masks and hygiene products, as well as various other film and web products.  

What’s new? An embedded, high-speed color camera and high dynamic range (HDR) technology. The intelligent color camera allows the system to generate black-and-white and color images simultaneously in a single scan. The system captures multiple images with varying light intensities from different angles. 

Benefits Enhanced quality control. The color camera allows the Smash system to identify and classify defects that were previously undetectable, such as oil spots, and provides high-resolution images at high speeds. Additionally, the system has fewer and smaller components than competing systems, lowering investment costs and simplifying maintenance.  

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