Indev-ACT debuts film, sheet measurement technologies

Aug. 20, 2019
Indev-ACT recently introduced three measurement technologies for the sheet, film and packaging industries.

Indev-ACT, which manufactures web-gauging measurement and control systems, recently introduced three measurement technologies for the sheet, film and packaging industries.

The company’s new TeraHertz inline system can measure the layers within barrier films and extrusion coatings.

It is particularly well-suited for the food packaging sector, according to the company. The absence of a barrier layer or a layer that is too thin can compromise product quality and potentially create health risks.

Unlike infrared (IR) technology, which has been used for layer measurement, the TeraHertz system can distinguish between different barrier layers and multilayer extrusion coatings.

The TeraHertz system provides non-ionizing, real-time measurement of the thickness of multilayer film and sheet. It measures the speed of light as it passes through the various layers. Compared with technologies that provide indirect measurements, it is less influenced by flutter, color and opacity, the company said.

The TeraHertz system eliminates the need for multiple scanners, inter-gauge coat-weight calculations, complex calibrations and multi- scanner sensor alignment. It can measure coextruded and laminated products, including films, foils and specialty materials, down to 0.6 mil.

Bruce Johnson, VP of sales and marketing for Indev-ACT, called the technology a game-changer. “Its direct thickness measurement and compact, single-sided [design] provide a single-scanner solution where multiple frames [scanners] are used today. The net result is higher accuracy, reduced maintenance and lower cost of ownership compared to conventional measurement solutions.”

Indev-ACT also launched two measurement devices — ShadowMIKE and IrMIKE — that carry none of the licensing requirements of beta, gamma and X-ray technologies. In some cases, ShadowMIKE and IrMIKE can reduce the number of scanners needed to measure film and sheet coatings.

ShadowMIKE is an optical thickness sensor that uses laser light to measure nonmetallic sheet, nonwovens and foam sheet, including clear, glossy or colored products from 50 microns to 5mm. This compact sensor offers precise, direct thickness measurement regardless of the product’s composition or specific gravity.

ShadowMIKE sensors are easily calibrated and maintained, in contrast to most nuclear or X-ray gauges, the company said. They deliver high- resolution measurements that can spot fine streaks and offer greater insight into product quality.

The IrMIKE IR sensor provides high-speed, precise, non-contacting, scanning thickness measurement for film and sheet, adhesives and high-gloss coatings. In addition, it can measure moisture content for nonwovens. As many as three product properties can be measured at once.

IrMIKE directs low-energy IR light through a series of filters into the material. Multiple-pass optics provide a strong, more enhanced signal resolution for thin films, clear materials and coatings.

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