The Total Package: How Sustainability is Changing The Packaging Market

Dec. 1, 2023
Unpacking solutions to a high-visibility plastics problem.

Plastic packaging is the product everyone loves to hate. It is singled out for generating an excessive amount of waste, being difficult to recycle and often ending up on roadsides or in the ocean.

But the plastics industry – recyclers, machinery manufacturers, resin suppliers, processors and brand owners – is working on the issue from multiple angles because it has high visibility with consumers and taints the entire industry.

There is not one single solution to the problem. Thinner walls on packaging products helps, improved recycling technology helps, better design helps.

The stories in this eHandbook by senior staff reporters Karen Hanna and Bruce Geiselman look at the problems of plastic packaging as well as success stories. It is essential reading for everyone in the plastics industry.

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