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Symphony of Collaboration - Automation Lends a Hand

July 7, 2023
Automation is on every plant manager’s To Do list. Versatile cobots are the hot automation solution today. Whether you are an experienced automation professional or just getting started, there is something to help you in this eHandbook.

To help find tasks that can be easily automated, Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing has assembled this eHandbook of stories from successful plastics processors.

You will learn:

  • The high-mix, low-volume conundrum -- How a cobot helped a custom molder manufacture its high-mix, low-volume portfolio of parts with significantly reduced labor requirements.
  • Solving the labor shortage – Automating jobs where you cannot find human labor anymore.
  • Latest automation equipment – K Show exhibitors tout equipment that's more evolutionary than revolutionary.
  • The finishing touch – Cobots can remove excess material and put the final polish on a part.
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