eBook: Collaboration Pays Off to Solve Production Problems

Nov. 17, 2023
This compilation of our 'Problem Solved' features shows how you can apply these lessons to your own company.

Quickly solving production bottlenecks or figuring out the most efficient way to launch a new process improves your bottom line and fosters a productive workforce.

Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing’s popular Problem Solved series details how processors have successfully turned to machinery and equipment suppliers for expertise to meet challenges and improve their plastics processing operations.

Machinery and equipment suppliers have deep knowledge of equipment capabilities. In some cases, they have modified or added functionality to their equipment to solve a processor’s problem.

Working closely with suppliers on specific problems can make sure you purchase the right equipment and in the correct size for exactly what you need.

Equipment suppliers can also facilitate implementing lean manufacturing principles that result in continuous improvement of your operation.

Don’t overlook the value of asking an outside machinery expert for help. I hope the stories in this eBook show how doing this can make your plant more productive, safe and profitable.


Ron Shinn, editor

Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing