InduraMaxx coating makes pelletizer feed rolls more durable

June 17, 2024
Bay Plastics can apply its proprietary coating to customers' used rolls, or provide them with new ones to keep in inventory.

InduraMaxx coating Bay Plastics Machinery (BPM) can apply this new coating to the upper feed roll of a pelletizer, regardless of which company made or supplied the feed roll. Customers send in their used roll, and BPM replaces the existing coating with the InduraMaxx coating and ships the roll back. Alternatively, for customers who would like additional rolls to inventory as replacement parts, BPM can manufacture a new roll core and apply InduraMaxx to it.

What’s new? The proprietary feed roll coating, which can handle a variety of plastic compounds, including standard and filled resins, and colored materials.

Benefits Superior wear properties, flexibility and the ability to withstand high heat, up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. InduraMaxx provides optimal feed control and a uniform strand cut. Because a choice of durometers of 65 Shore A and 90 Shore A is available, InduraMaxx is appropriate for handling a wide range of plastic materials from soft and flexible to tough and rigid. According to BPM, lab testing has shown that rolls coated with InduraMaxx wear three times better than traditional Hypalon, used to cover most upper feed rolls.

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