Readco Kurimoto offers continuous, controlled compounding

May 4, 2021
Its Continuous Hybrid Reactor protects oxygen-sensitive materials from damage during polymerization.

Continuous Hybrid Reactor Featuring a proprietary design with twin, co-rotating, hollow paddle shafts in a closed, one-piece, jacketed barrel, Readco Kurimoto’s Continuous Hybrid Reactor (CHR) can be used to compound resin pellets and powders. It offers continuous, 24/7 operation and protects oxygen-sensitive materials such as PC, PET and polybutylene terephthalate from burning, discoloration and degradation during polymerization by providing a controlled atmosphere using nitrogen or another inert gas.

What’s new? The CHR, which debuted in November.

Benefits Repeatable control over process variables. The CHR’s barrel has a larger internal volume than an extruder, offering a wider window for processing and ensuring the required residence time. Its paddles are designed for efficient mixing without causing excessive shear, which could interfere with temperature control. And to prevent oxidation, the CHR creates a vacuum inside its sealed barrel.

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