Zeppelin container mixer suited for masterbatch production

Feb. 11, 2021
The mixer can accommodate different sizes of containers and has a proprietary sealing system.

CMQ Zeppelin’s container mixer is appropriate for use with compounds, masterbatches, powder coatings and color concentrates. Made of high-quality materials, it can accommodate various sizes of containers. 

What’s new? The mixer and its proprietary sealing system.  

Benefits Repeatable results, improved productivity and safety. Easily operated by one worker, the CMQ quickly and effectively disperses and homogenizes ingredients. The flat mixing head and the wing profile of the mixing tool allow easy access to all areas of the mixer, making it possible to clean the mixer in as little as 20 percent of the time it takes to clean competing equipment. The proprietary seal prevents the escape of dust, gases or vapors during the mixing process, protecting workers. Additionally, the design of the mixing tool minimizes heating of the mixture; temperature rise is less than 2 degrees Celsius per minute. 

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