Collin devices check resin pellets for size, shape, color and contamination

Nov. 16, 2020
The three units can be combined to create an all-in-one, inline testing system for resin pellets and powders.

Resin testing Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions has launched three devices that compounders, resin producers and recyclers can use to analyze resin pellets and powders. The CMS (Color Measuring System) collects samples from the production line and analyzes them with a color spectrometer. The PGSS (Powder Granulates Shape & Size Analyzer) uses a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) camera to measure the shape and size of pellets or powders. The PGC (Powder Granulate Contamination Analyzer) detects contamination and impurities using a CMOS camera and stroboscope LED lighting unit. CMOS refers to the type of sensors used by the cameras included in Collins’ analyzer technologies. 

What’s new? The three units, which can be used separately, or combined into an all-in-one, in-line testing system for checking the size, shape, color and contamination levels of resin pellets.  

Benefits Fully automated, in-line analysis of resin quality. The modular line is compact and flexible and stores all data in a database.

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