Trexel, Engel partner in new test facility in Michigan

May 24, 2016

Trexel Inc., Wilmington, Mass., has partnered with SA Engineering, Livonia, Mich., and a new firm called SA Engineering to open a trial facility in Livonia.

The facility will use Engel injection molding equipment and the latest MuCell foaming systems.

It will be known as the SA Engineering Technology Center and is scheduled to open this month. It will include five new Engel machines ranging from 285 tons to 3,500 tons of clamping force.

Three are currently MuCell-capable and equipped with Trexel's T-series gas-dosing systems.

The new facility is envisioned to be a collaborative incubator for developing new technology processes and finding innovative solutions for customers, Trexel said in a news release.