Recycling machine makers form two-partner alliance

Oct. 20, 2015

Recycling equipment makers Buhler Sortex Ltd., London, a member of Bühler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland, and National Recovery Technologies (NRT), Nashville, Tenn., have entered an agreement to collaborate on on-site management, installation and product training. They also will collaborate on designs, meaning they will be able to bring innovations to market more quickly.

"Our sales and customer support teams will work together, but the advantage for the customer is that they will have access to both networks, each of which are trained in the technical sales and support of the total offering," says Peter Raschio, who manages marketing for NRT. "Our businesses themselves are not combining, but working together to provide an integrated solution that in a partnership will be stronger than would be with each company working apart."

In North America, customers will be served by NRT; in Europe, they will continue to be served by Bühler.

NRT designs and manufactures optical sorting technologies, including FlakeSort, ColorPlus and TruSort. Buhler makes equipment, including pelletizers, mixers, dryers and optical sorters, for handling a number of polymers, including polyolefins, PET and recycled PET.