Syscon-PlantStar, DPSI combining plant software

Aug. 24, 2015

Two software companies have joined forces to offer manufacturing execution and integrated plant maintenance software.

Syscon-PlantStar, South Bend, Ind., and DPSI, Greensboro, N.C., announced a partnership that will combine PlantStar's manufacturing systems with DPSI's preventive maintenance software.

"Even though both PlantStar and DPSI have multi-tiered software programs, the sharing of information will be seamless and intuitive," says PlantStar VP Gary Bendix. 

He said that in a plastics manufacturing plant, the PlantStar program will gather a machine'stotal run hours, the number of cycles on a mold/tool, and downtime by reason and pass it tothe DPSI system for preventive maintenanceplanning.

"The ability to link real-time machine data with a preventive maintenance program offers huge benefits," Bendix said.