Feddem invests in new machining center

June 25, 2015

Feddem GmbH & Co. KG, Sinzig, Germany, has added a new, four-axis horizontal machining center that it says will increase its annual manufacturing capacity to 25 extruders.

Feddem, which began building parallel twin-screw extruders about six years ago, says its new NBH 630 from Hüller Hille, Mosbach, Germany, has travel distances of 1,000mm by 800mm by 1,000mm. The equipment comes with a pallet-changing system and a separate setup station and tool changer. It has a capacity of as many as 150 tools, enabling continuous machining with quick changes to the next components. In addition to making extruder barrels in a wide range of steel grades, the equipment can be used to manufacture other components, such as strand die heads and adapter plates. Feddem is a subsidiary of Feddersen Group, Hamburg, Germany.