Pure Loop now its own company

April 1, 2015
Pure Loop's Manfred Dobersberger.

Erema Group, Ansfelden, Austria, has created a sister company, Pure Loop GmbH, to specialize in systems for recycling clean production waste using shredder-extruder technology. Pure Loop will further develop the technology, which is used for the repelletizing of plastic manufacturing waste, including film, fiber, nonwovens and solid and hollow parts. 

Pure Loop's debut booth at NPE.

Pure Loop is offering its integrated shredder-extrusion combination (ISEC) systems under the brand name ISEC. Manfred Dobersberger is the CEO of Pure Loop. The company made its official debut at NPE2015. Dobersberger is responsible for technical development, sales and marketing of the new ISEC product line.

The technology has existed since 1999, Dobersberger said in an interview during NPE. Pure Loop is entirely focused on post-industrial waste and ISEC can be referred to as a repelletizing system. It goes into plastics manufacturing plants and acts as a means to capture and repelletize post-industrial scrap.

Global sales are being handled by the company headquarters in Ansfelden.

Erema supplies pelletizing systems, melt filters, in-line PET applications, and plastics recycling systems for contaminated post-consumer waste and FDA-approved PET recycling systems.