Linear Mold & Engineering expanding

Oct. 24, 2014

Rapid tooling firm Linear Mold & Engineering, Livonia, Mich., has announced several expansion projects to accommodate growth in additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping, end-use components, conformal cooling channels and other applications. Clients can now make use of R&D "pods," essentially, secure rooms for development of materials and intellectual property, prototype candidate parts and production possible parts.

Company officials said a single place to go to for training through prototyping and production is key to meeting the most pressing issue for innovative companies working with advanced technologies, that of copyright and idea protection. Bruce Colter, new business development director for additive manufacturing, said Linear can design the part for the clients or teach the client how to design it.

In late August Linear said it added two 3-D metal printers to its stable for a total of nine. The firm installed its third EOS M280 direct metal laser sintering system, and a dual laser SLM280. Linear now operates three EOS M280 3-D and four EOS M270 metal printing systems, and two SLM 280 systems.

Demand for 3-D printed metal parts has increased exponentially as materials and technology have evolved into opportunities for a wider range of applications. Linear's specialty is high productivity injection molds, 3-D metal printed parts, R&D and training.