Trexel MuCell cushions New Balance shoes

Oct. 24, 2014

Trexel Inc., Wilmington, Mass., now can boast that its MuCell microcellular foam technology is giving a lift to people in all walks of life. Athletic shoe maker New Balance of Boston is using the technology more widely for its molding program for midsole and heel components.

Although New Balance has used MuCell in its manufacturing process for more than four years, the firm is looking at other shoe lines that can use the technology. It has been used in New Balance's running shoes, including its

ultra (long distance) runners. The MuCell process has been used in automotive, medical and packaging applications.

"For years we have worked with the automotive industry leaders to develop numerous shock-absorbing and material lightweighting applications," says Steve Braig, Trexel president and CEO. "We realized that our technology is a perfect fit for athletic shoes that require the same benefits of cushioning, weight and material reduction."

Components from New Balance's current molding program are used in the production of more than 1 million pairs of running shoes annually.