Farrel Pomini boosts compounder's capacity

Nov. 22, 2014

CP4000  This latest design in the CP Series II of compact processors from Farrel Pomini is also the largest. A hybrid of the company's CP2500 and its 9UM, the compounder is equipped with a 12-inch extruder featuring an integrated continuous mixer and extruder system for applications such as masterbatches, compounds having high levels of fillers and temperature-sensitive materials.

What's New?  A production capacity that's 60 percent greater than the company's next size processor. The equipment is compact and has unitized ancillary equipment.

Benefits  The largest capacity possible in the CP format. CP4000 is a direct scale-up of the CP550, which is available for demonstration and lab testing in the US and U.K.

Farrel Corp., 203-736-5500, www.farrel-pomini.com