2LO from 1Blow offers leak detection system

Dec. 1, 2019
Option on stretch blow molding machine uses a high-voltage system to detect and reject containers with microcracks.
2LO This stretch blow molding machine from 1Blow is designed to make oval PET bottles with capacities up to 2.5 liters. Configured to accommodate molds with two cavities, it can produce as many as 4,000 bottles per hour.

What’s new? Incorporation of Delta Engineering’s UDK 450 leak-detection system within the machine. The optional system uses a state-of-the-art, high-voltage system to rapidly and automatically detect and reject containers with microcracks.

Benefits Cost and space savings. Incorporating the leak-detection system within the machine’s frame saves space and is less expensive than buying the system separately.

1Blow, Atlanta, 678-865-2665, www.1blow.com