Intravis CapWatcher FC employs new inspection technology

Jan. 18, 2023
It uses index markings to inspect the application angle of tethered bottle caps.

CapWatcher FC This new inspection technology from Intravis uses five side cameras to help detect whether a tethered cap is screwed on a bottle in the target position or whether it has been screwed on too far or not far enough.  

What’s new? A technology that uses index markings to inspect the application angle of bottle caps. The vision system is guided by markings on the closure and neck support ring that are barely visible to the end user. If the index markings are within a tolerated range of each other, the system assumes that a closure has been completely and correctly fitted and releases the bottle for packaging. The CapWatcher FC has a washdown design that prevents problems from splashes. 

Benefits Cap inspection, plus access to comprehensive statistics. The data allows malfunctions of a tool to be detected at short notice. The new washdown design simplifies cleaning of the system, as the exterior is designed to drain off any water. 

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