Measurement systems takes on translucent, colored materials

April 22, 2021
Agr has updated its Gawis 4.0 system, originally designed for measuring PET bottle thicknesses, so that it can scan bottles made from HDPE and other hard-to-measure materials.
Gawis 4D Agr’s laboratory testing system uses light-based optical technology to take a variety of measurements involving plastic containers and preforms, including
sidewall thickness and overall height. It is appropriate for measuring bottles and containers used in the food, cosmetic and personal-care industries.

What’s new? The implementation of Agr’s Integrated Method for Thickness Measurement — a unique method for analyzing spectral scans and applying algorithms to them that allows the Gawis 4D to measure a larger range of materials.  

Benefits Versatility, and effectiveness with scanning bottles made from HDPE and other materials other than PET. Unlike similar technologies, the Gawis 4D is not limited to measuring materials that are transparent or have high levels of light transmissibility. With its Integrated Method for Thickness Measurement, the Gawis 4D can measure translucent or colored bottles. The technology delivers fast, reliable and accurate measurements.  

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